…It’s been a weird week. In an attempt not to get bored on the subway when all the free newspapers are taken, I’ve been taking my DS on the train to clear endgame content in Pokemon White. One of Grimsley’s guys casts attract pretty often, and the effects are usually negative; my lovestruck pokemon will hold back for a turn.

Every once in a while, however, he will ignore his heart and attack… and I giggle every time. Tough love, right?

Finally, here’s yet another gem of a quote from a customer at my store. While looking at TV’s a guy grabbed me and said, “Hey, I hear that you guys have been known to do installations. Is that true?”

I found it exceedingly odd that he used the phrase “known to,” as if that were only sometimes the case, or only during special occasions. As a joke, I responded, “That’s right, but only during full moons on alternating Tuesdays.”

The guy looked totally serious and in the most deadpan fashion asked, “Oh… well, when’s the next full moon?”

Thank you, and goodnight.

P.S. Even though I wasn’t too big a fan of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, this video of player’s terrified reactions is pretty priceless. Definitely worth a view.