Allow me to flesh out this customer interaction a bit more. An incredibly angry lady grabbed me and began screaming that her DVD player was not working despite the fact that it was brand new, and that somehow, it was all my fault.

According to her, the player said it was reading and then displaying the disc, but nothing would come up on the screen. I asked if the TV was set to the right input, she said that yes, of course it was.

I asked how she had it connected to the TV.

“It was supposed to have an HDMI connector, but it didn’t!” she said.

For those of you keeping track at home, that wasn’t what I asked her, now was it? Anyways, I repeated my question, “How do you have the player connected?”

“It isn’t connected, it’s broken!”

Well, there’s your %*@&#&$ problem, lady. Granted, I didn’t say that to her, but why on Earth she expected to see her movie when it was connected to…nothing is beyond me. When I told her she needed to run a cable to the TV she yelled, “NO ONE TOLD ME THAT! GOD, YOU PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID!”

Yes, ma’am. I’m the stupid one.