I’d like to quickly point out that I was at work this morning at 9:30am for a meeting, and then didn’t start my shift until 2pm, finally leaving the store at 11:30pm. On the way back home, the train decided to be delayed, and I didn’t start actually making this comic until 1:15am Thursday morning.

It’s 3:18 am at the moment, and I’m typing up this post… someone please find an axe to lodge into my brain.

I’ve been awake and doing stuff for far too long today… I feel like this post is gonna be super incoherent.

In any case, every couple of months I have a hankering to buy a tablet. Like, a real strong one. I do this despite the fact that tablets are completely inferior laptops save for being lighter and booting up faster. There’s nothing a tablet can do that just about any computer can’t, yet tablets routinely sell for hundreds of dollars.

That said, there’s really something awesome about that smart, sleek design and super responsive touch screen…

My craving got so bad last week that I was literally in the process of purchasing one when I decided to call my roommate for her opinion. She had this to say:

“You’re poor.”

Well, that takes care of that, I guess.