I’ll come clean… I’ve never actually seen Schindler’s List; I just have a general idea concerning what it’s about.

Jackie and I were lamenting the fact that we haven’t had much fun playing video games lately, so we tried to spark some fun with an Ocarina of Time run. I’ve played right up until the Water Temple… which I may or may not actually want to enter.

While in the Fire Temple saving Gorons, however, the Schindler poster immediately popped into my head… and… well… if you ever wonder how these strips are born, that’s about all it takes.

Really, really strange guy at the store this week. There was a unshaven, middle-aged man walking around with two chinchillas on his shoulder. Now, I’m not really sure what our policy is when it comes to pets, so I ignored the little rodents and asked the man if he needed any help.

He did. Super.

As we talked, the chinchillas started pooping; little balls of poo were rolling down the guy’s shirt. Part of me wanted to make him aware that he was being defecated on, but I held back; chances are that they do that all the time.

If that wasn’t weird enough, his stomach started rumbling, not in an audible way, either. The guy opened his shirt to reveal six more chinchillas in his shirt, complete with droppings that were collecting in piles on his belt. My mouth opened and closed wordlessly, unable to put my thoughts into a complete sentence. Thankfully, I was saved by a co-worker who found the little beasts cute and took over.

I walked away, completely dumbfounded by what had just went down.