This comic seemed like an obvious joke, so I decided to google “phoenix wright wedding” first to see if it had already been done. This is what I found.

Also, a ton of related fanfic that I will not post here. I’m sure, however, that a few… adventurous… readers will scour the internet for some hot defense attorney on prosecutor action.

I’m near the end of my replay of Ocarina of Time, last night tackling the Spirit Temple and half of Gannondorf’s Castle. Jackie watched as I played, and we had a bit to drink. Just about the time when the rainbow bridge appeared, granting me access to Gannondorf’s lair, Jackie started flailing around on my bed, loudly singing “MACHO-MACHO MAN! I WANNA BE, A MACHO MAN!” over and over.

I wasn’t really sure what provoked the fit of Village People infused madness, but it continued for a full ten minutes until she fell asleep.

Suddenly, a few sages into the castle, her prone, inanimate body suddenly sprung to life again, expressing a deep desire to be a powerfully sculpted and strong male.

Wine… not even once.