For some reason I thought this was gonna be like, the millionth Zelda comic this month, but after a stroll through the archives, I was wrong. Apparently I’ve just had Zelda on the mind recently.

It’s past midnight, I have work tomorrow, and my brain is swimming around in my head… trying to think of any customer stories that might be of merit. There was a huge drunk guy recently who got super in my face and yelling at me, which is a bit more scary than funny (especially considering he was five times the size of me, and it was the near midnight shift, so less people around), so I’ll gloss over that one…



I think I’m too tired to access my memory right now……….. ummm, comon think of something…. I guess this is the first live blog post considering that I’m just writing down everything that I’m thinking…….noodles…. asparagus…… I wonder if I spelled asparagus correctly…… I’m certainly not the world’s best speller…..

Ok, I officially deem myself too tired to continue typing.