Just in case your childhood sucked total butt and you never watched any Disney movies, here’s a link to Ursala’s kick-ass villain song.

By the by, yesterday was my Mother’s birthday, so whisper “happy birthday” under your breath!

With that out of the way, it’s totally story time. Earlier this week I attended a Sony expo where they were showing off some new tablets, gaming laptops, and super long lasting batteries. During the expo, a Sony rep announced that they would be holding a Street Fighter Tournament for everyone in attendance.

I’m really not the best player in the world, but I figured why not and entered. I was led into a theater

with SS4 playing off a huge projector, and was handed a PS3 controller, at which point I said (in a theater filled with Sony representatives) “Actually, do you guys have any 360 controllers? I hate the Playstation ones.”

You ever have a room go totally silent on you?

Awareness failure aside, I had a good time at Sony and headed for home… when I got a call from Richard about a Samsung event later that night. I happily agreed to go.

Now, Sony had some food at their event: bagels, cream-cheese, chips, guac, water pitchers with chopped oranges in them, coffee, etc… pretty low key stuff.

Samsung had other plans.

The moment I walked through the door I was met by girls offering martinis. If that wasn’t enough for an instant mark in the win column for Samsung, then the food definitely was:

They had lobster. They had caviar. They had truffle! I honestly felt like I was a judge on Iron Chef eating my way through the event, making sure to grab something off of every tray in sight. It was astounding. I mean, I’m a guy who routinely makes a meal out of breadcrumbs, and here I was eating caviar like one of those 1%-ers we keep hearing so much about.

Also, Batman showed up.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a photo:

Just to recap: Samsung had lobster, caviar, truffle, and Batman. Sony had bagels and water that smelled like oranges but didn’t taste like oranges.