Happy Halloween!! I hope everyone has an awesome, candy filled day.

Now, if you live in the northeastern United States, you may have noticed the minor snowstorm and major drop in temperature we had this weekend, which may or may not have led to my condition in the comic above.

I seriously drew this comic with snot everywhere.

I thought that yesterday would have been the worst of it, as I had picked up a bottle of DayQuil this morning (which I’ve been sipping all day). Wrong.

Perhaps even dead wrong.

On the train ride home, I stuffed some tissues into my nose to plug up any unpleasantness during the ride; pretty normal for when I get sick. My mistake was made, however, in my choice of riding entertainment: a George Carlin comedy routine.

After a joke, Carlin allowed a few seconds for the audience to clap, and then blurted out, “D’ya ever pour glue on a bird?”

I snorted, shooting the tissues from my nose and spraying mucus… well, “all over the place” really doesn’t do the situation justice, but let’s go with that.

I’m so charming in public.