Well, I haven’t gotten off to a good start this month, have I?

So I was in the warehouse at work yesterday taking down some TVs to put on the floor, when suddenly, my back tightened up and went into super pain mode. No one was around me at the time, but there was a security camera there to capture about five minutes of me making feeble attempts to twist, turn, and stretch in order to loosen up.

Riveting footage, I’ll bet.

I tried to suck it up and walk it off for a few hours, but eventually, I was in some pretty serious pain and could barely move or breathe deeply. I was asked to file an “incident report” about the situation, and had an…awesome… call with a corperate nurse.

Here’s one excerpt from our chat:

“And what’s your birthdate, Alex?”

“August 13th, 1988.”

“Did you say 1998?”

Yeah, I’m thirteen years old and I’m on the phone with a corporate nurse discussing a work related injury. Jeebus.

Shoutout to my roommate who took time out of her day to drive to the store to pick me up. I don’t think I would have been able to survive the subway.

So, since my range of motion is currently limited to, oh, little more than curling up in a fetal position, I wasn’t able to get a comic done for today. I was, however, able to scribble the above nonsense in some attempt to get something up for you guys.

Hopefully I’ll be alright soon enough to have everything up and running again by Monday’s update… sorry for the lame Thursday!