First off, thanks to everyone who sent me get well messages about my back this past week. It was really sweet and I totally appreciate it. I don’t think I’ll be running a marathon any time soon, but I am feeling better!

I’m gonna go ahead and assume that everyone knows who Pinky and the Brain are, but on the off chance you don’t… reference time!! While I don’t consider myself to be that dumb, I definitely feel like I am the Pinky to Dan’s Brain.

Also, between Jackie (current roomie) and myself, there’s often a lot of wine and games going on, much like college!

Quick subway note: As some of you may already know, I haven’t had very good luck when it comes to the New York subway system, being ticketed for “obstructive seating” on an empty train and all. Generally, I feel like any ticket handed out on our lovely underground trains is toeing the line of insanity, but it’s often the things that don’t get ticketed that truly drive me up a wall.

For example, there was a guy on the train tonight that was smoking.Smoking on the friggin train. No ticket.