I’m pretty sure that my playing a lot of Skyrim this month had nothing to do with the spike in my power bill, but there was a spike… who knows?

I went home to New Jersey on Monday for some… family business… and while I was there I was tasked with taking the Christmas decorations out of the attic. I pulled down the drawstring stairs and began my ascent.

Everything was going fine, but once I neared to top my mother called out, “Be careful, there may be traps up there!”

I paused, “What do you mean there may be traps?”

Apparently, there was an infestation of flying squirrels and mice, so an exterminator left some traps up in the attic to snare them.

“Are there or are there not traps?”

“I don’t know.”


While I was rooting around up there I was super careful not to set anything off, but ultimately it appeared that there were no traps up there…

Unlike this one time back when I was working as a camp counselor and was actually roommates with comic-Dan. We had a mouse in our cabin and while I didn’t particularly care, Dan left out some traps. Not those snap traps, mind you, the sticky goo ones.

As it so happened, he left one trap right at the base of our sink. One morning when Dan woke up before I did, he noticed that the trap ensnared a mouse. Naturally, Dan effing left in there and didn’t tell me about it.

Once I woke up and went to brush my teeth, I step in the goo, trapping my foot against the now-dead mouse. Groaning the entire way, I walk to the dumpster, remove the mouse from my foot, and toss it out.

Thanks Dan.