Something like this seems to happen every time I’m playing word games with new people, family members, or children.  This past Friday, I went to my first Nerd NYC event, where I mostly stood around being awkward and anti-social until I was saved by an old college games club friend who happened to be there as well.

Now partnered up with someone I knew (and his GF), we were able to pair up (in a Katamari kind of way) with another couple to play Bananagrams.  My first few words included the lovely “rape,” “grope.” and “tits.”  Nothing makes a good impression while meeting new people like having that fantastically creepy set of words in front of you.  It was only when I drew another G and made “rape” “grape” was I able to feel a bit more normal.

Even when I am able to make a long word in Scrabble it always happens to be something like “sodomite.”  Nothing can ever just be pleasant for once.

Anywho, the Nerd NYC event was pretty fun, they’re a neat-o group whose site you can check out here!

Quick note about the ACTA thing that I mentioned last time.  Apparently the US has already signed it and a number of European nations will be signing it today… incredible…  I’m really not sure what to say about this other than that I have serious doubts the internet will be recognizable within the next ten to fifteen years… buckle up, everyone.