Do you know the difference?

I haven’t had as much time to immerse myself into Tales of Phantasia as I’d like, but I think I’m getting towards the end… or at least I’m past the half way point; you never really know how far you are in a Tales game unless there’s tons of epic wild nonsense flying around everywhere or if you like, destroyed heaven or something.  Chances are I’ll talk about that more once I’m finished.

What was pretty neat this week, however, was that the Saxophone reeds I ordered arrived.  Back in elementary/jr high/high school I played alto sax.  Not well or anything, but decently enough not to spontaneously combust while playing.

As fun as being in band was, once I went to college the sax became a dust collecter, a job that it had for nearly six years.

Until now.  The reeds arrived, I put the sax together, and Jackie busted out a little keyboard thingy that you blow into.

In the hours that followed, we created music fit only for the gods.  Music such as the theme from Sesame Street, Eopna’s Song, Titanic’s My Heart Will Go On, and the themes from Braveheart and Jurassic Park.  We didn’t really know any of these tunes, but we Youtubed them and kinda worked our way through.  Also, we were a bit tipsy, which added to the magic of the experience.  Fun stuff, that.

MOUSEWATCH:  Jackie spotted Cheddar in the kitchen on Friday in the crevice of the stove.  On Saturday, we pulled out the stove and discovered that Cheddar was eating through a bag of rice, which we promptly tossed  There was also some plastic bag attached to the stove (which I think at one point had safety or instruction information in it) that was now filled with what looked like dead larvae.  Appetizing.  We removed the bag and placed a trap behind the stove.  Hopefully the new strategy works out!  SOON!