Yeah… so a pony strip today…  Readers who have checked out Kat’s Korner recently might not be surprised.

MOUSEWATCH: Uh-oh.  So, Jacke had been hearing a bunch of scratching noises in the kitchen over the last week.  She thought nothing of it at first, but kept on asking me if I was hearing anything.

I wasn’t.  Then again, my ears suck, so I guess my input on the matter was meaningless.

Anyways, I went to get a snack when suddenly…


In the trap next to the fridge was our fifth mouse, henceforth named Pepperjack.  He’s a real big one and is fighting like mad to escape.  Little does he know that tomorrow I will take the trap and, like I’ve been doing with all our mice, go to the park to release him.  Just get through the night, Pepperjack, you’ve got tons of food in there!

Two strips ago I mentioned that I had gone on a ski trip at camp with old counselor friends, and mostly talked about my triumphantly delicious vegetable lasagna.  There was something worth mentioning about the trip that I totally forgot while writing out the post, however.  I was carpooling with Dan (who I honestly don’t see very often despite the fact that we live within walking distance of one another) and on the way back we were recalling some old memories.

Over the last few years, during the beginning of the summer a small group of veteran counselors would head up to camp for a weekend to take care of landscaping/cabin painting/equipment moving/etc.  After the first such “work weekend” Dan got a speeding ticket on the way home.

I had only a vague memory of that ticket and asked Dan about it.  He told me the story, and just as he had finished-


A cop car was right behind us blaring its siren.  Dan pulled over, and after some failed attempts at negotiation, was issued a ticket.

So to recap (I love recaps!): Immediately after telling me a story about getting a ticket while driving home from camp, Dan was issued a ticket while driving home from camp.

Symmetry… how delicious you are.