I guess Bowser is just like any other villain, his flaw is that he always allows the hero the slightest bit of chance to win.  Seems to me that if the door was numbered, Mario would be stuck and Bowser’d win.  His loss, I guess.

MOUSEWATCH:  On Tuesday we caught not one, not two but THR… no, it was actually two, never mind.  So we caught two more mice, bringing the grand total up to seven.  Awesome!  Their names are… uhh… Romano and Feta… I’m going to run out of cheeses eventually.  They both went into the same trap, so transporting them to the park was simple… for me.

For our rodent friends, it was another story.  Since they were fairly big mice and stuck in so small a trap, apparently they thought that they had to kill each other in order to survive.  The entire walk over to the park they were going at one another, wrestling, and squeaking up a storm.

I, like an idiot, held the trap up to my face and yelled “Stop!”  It was at this point that I realized mice don’t speak, and talking to them had little chance of making a difference in getting their attention.

I did, however, attract the attention of other people on the sidewalk, so I picked up my pace and didn’t make eye contact with passerby.

Romano and Feta must have really hated each other, by the by, when I opened up the trap, they both bolted in different directions.  I wonder if rodents hold grudges…  these guys might meet again and throw down one day.