So I played a few games of Civilization 4 recently and noticed that each game followed the same pattern: I secured victory by some peaceful means (space race, diplomacy, etc) but then after I had won, I suddenly became bloodthirsty and started to eliminate the other countries.

I guess I should never become a world leader, you know, for everyone else’s sake.

I’m not sure if I’m going to continue writing out the text myself (as my handwriting is pretty awful) but it was fun to give it a go for this strip.

So this past weekend it was Jackie’s birthday.  As I’m sure that I’ve mentioned it often, it should come as no surprise to you guys that Jackie and I drink.

A lot.

Keeping up with our boozing tradition, Jackie’s party was whiskey themed for the third straight year.  Guests were required to bring whiskey (duh), but not necessarily in liquid form.  Sure, most people just bought a bottle of something, but other whiskey gifts included whiskey cookies and chocolate whisky balls.  Jackie added to the effort by making a whiskey based pasta dish.  Deliciousness was everywhere.  In addition to regular party festivities like board games, the whiskey party is special because it features a Whiskey test, complete with prizes for the top three scores.

This year I was fortunate enough to make the test, and if you would like to honorarily participate in the party, check out the test here!

MOUSEWATCH:  Well, we’re up to eight mice now.  Jackie heard some scratching in her room and placed a trap there.  The move quickly paid off as it was full the next morning.  There have been a few requests for mice naming, so mouse #8 is named Casu-marzu-the-Goat.  Jackie left early this morning taking her car; apparently Casu-marzu-the-Goat is going for a ride today.