Substitue “work” for “school,” “doctor’s appointment,” etc to fit your particular situation, and I’m sure you’ll feel right at home with this strip.

Oddly enough, I was always the weirdo who left for school/work way before I was required to, cause… well… what if there’s like three hours of traffic?  What if a giant jar of mustard rolled over all of the trains and I needed to walk?

It could happen.

So, I mentioned last Monday that I’d try some livestreaming and see how things go.  Things went pretty well.

After a suggestion to hook up my mic and talk during the streaming, the whole thing became a neat Q&A while I was doodling.  We had a small handful of people present, and it seemed like everyone was chatting and having some fun.

In terms of how livestreams will happen in the future, I’ll have “Next Livestream” dates and times in the sidebar to the left instead of just posting them in the blogs.  If for some reason I won’t be able to do the stream, I’ll say so on Twitter.

For the moment, I plan on having two streams this week, Monday and Tuesday, probably at 9pm.  So if you wanna watch me doodle and chat and whatnot, come check it out!

Something that I often do when I’m walking around and have my hands full is carry stuff in my mouth.  I understand that the act isn’t really the most flattering thing to be doing in public, but hey, I can’t deny its usefulness.

Anyway, I was at the bank depositing a few checks and what have you, and for each check the machine spit out a receipt, which I held temporarily in my mouth while putting in the next check.

After the second check I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I turn around and there’s this middle aged woman standing behind me looking annoyed.  I figured that she thought I was taking too long and I went back to my business.

tap tap tap

I turned around again, and this lady, in the nastiest tone she could muster, said

“You know, it’s unhealthy to hold those papers in your mouth.”

My brows furrowed.  What the heck, lady?  How on Earth is it your business how I hold stuff?  You know what’s unhealthy?  Your belief that it’s ok to tell other people what to do or how to live.  I said none of this, obviously, as my mouth was pretty full at the time.

So I just stared, confused.

Apparently the lady didn’t even need to use the machine.  After gracing me with her presence and gifting me her knowledge, she turned around, walked out of the bank, stood outside, and proceeded to SMOKE A FRIGGIN’ CIGARETTE.

I have no problem with people who smoke, what they do with their bodies is entirely up to them.  However, if you’re going to walk around and complain to people about all the “unhealthy” things they do, make sure you take a look in the mirror and analyze your own habits first.