So Rich convinced me to play a stealth character in Skyrim and I haven’t looked back since.  Outside of walking right under peoples noses, stealing stuff out of peoples hands, and even making tons of noise while going undetected (as in the above comic).

It’s… just so delicious.

I also decided to do a little something stupid:

While I highly doubt that I’ll be making any CR animation, down the road… who knows?  If I have the time (and develop the skill) that maybe that’s something I’ll try to tackle.

After spending the last few months sporting a hairdo that would make me fit right in with cavemen, I decided to get a haircut.  Now, the haircut really isn’t too important to the story, but it was the precursor to what would soon happen.  I was super thirsty sitting in the chair, and the moment I was done I walked into a Duane Reade to buy a drink.

In the foyer, there was a huge mirror that spanned the entire wall and, just as I entered, there was a guy… using it.  When you think about someone “using a mirror” in public you imagine people fixing their hair, touching up their makeup, in rare cases popping a zit, etc.  This guy was doing none of those actions.  This guy was using the mirror to, as accurately as possible, pick his nose.

I don’t judge people for doing that, by the way.  You wanna pick your nose?  Sweet!  Pick away!  Honestly it doesn’t bug me that much.  However, I’d imagine that even the biggest nose picking aficionado would refrain from picking his nose up against a giant mirror in a crowded convenience store.

It just seems like something one would want to avoid.

Anyways, I went to the drink asile, spent way too much time picking out a 99 cent drink, stood in line for a small eternity, and as I was leaving


So, for about ten to fifteen minutes this guy was, with honed precision and deadly accuracy, picking his nose in a super public place opposite a reflective surface so the whole store could see.  At this point I guess just have to say that I was impressed with the guy; he really, REALLY likes to make sure he does a thorough job.

In a society where so much is done halfhearted, you’ve gotta respect that.