Man, Dan is never lucky with the ladies.  Maybe he can still win this girl over…

That is our network name, by the by.  Maturity reigns in our apartment.

Also, holy-moley!  It’s the 200th strip of Corpse Run!  200.  Two Hundred.  2 100s.


That’s a lot!  Like, a lot a lot!  If someone were to ask me just after I… “drew”… the first strip of CR how many strips I’d make before giving up, I probably would have have said that I had already given up and was nearly halfway to the ground due to my having just jumped out a window.

Then I’d ask why that person jumped out with me to ask the question in the first place.

Anyways, it’s been a really fun and wild first two hundred strips, and I’d be super foolish not to thank every single one of you reading this for sticking with me for this long.  Additionally, a few shoutouts to some people in particular:

Everyone who posts comments on the site for getting involved and being social!  You guys are the lifeblood of this place, and it’s my dearest hope that new readers join you!

My family, especially my mother, for having fended off their desire to kill me… so far.

The previously mentioned Bill (and up until now unmentioned Kyle) who have incredibly generously helped me in putting the new site together and getting things running as smoothly as possible.

My incredibly oft-mentioned roommate, Jackie, who is super awesome and will always be so.

Dan, my roommate when CR got started, who… also has resisted urges to kill me.

The people who send me emails!  Whether your comments are positive or negative, nothing makes me smile wider than when I have Corpse Mail.  Seriously, contact me!  I’m….. so alone……….sobs.

All my friends, who I don’t see nearly often enough cause I’m a weirdo hermit.  All the Mikes, Chris’s, Pauls, Bills, Georges, Yings, etc… sorry I disappear at times!

Everyone from the store that I no longer work at who were super supportive of my weirdness.

Finally, a quick word about the awesome Richard, who had to both poke me with a cow brand and light a fire under my ass just to get me to start with the comic in the first place.  He was more or less the catalyst for Corpse Run, so my hat is off to him.

I don’t even have a hat, which makes that statement all the more impressive.

I think.

So, down to some business and brass tacks and… staples.  On the forums there have been some questions about new features to the site and whatnot, and I didn’t have anything planned really, but the suggestion of livestreaming came up and I figured “why the heck not?”

I did a test livestream over the weekend, and did a livestream of making this comic yesterday as well, but I noticed that unless people actually know I’m doing it, not that many people end up watching.

Shocker, I know.

So, as a tentative plan that I’ll try out this week, Monday, Tuesday (Edit: I actually wont be home on Tuesday), Thursday, and Friday I’ll livestream at… say… 9p.m. est.  I’ll be making doodles for Kat’s Korner during the livestreams.  If it goes well this week, I’ll try to make it a regular thing.

The livestream channel can be found at

Come check it out and watch me be all self conscious and stuff!  Also, there will probably be a lot of showtunes.  Brace yourself.

Also, if I there’s a change in schedule for the livestream, I’ll post it on twitter, which I guess I will have to use more than once or twice a week from now on.

Also also, there will be recordings of previous livestreams there, so if you wanted to check out how my lameness works, you can do so at your leisure!

Finally, a little story to tie this long post together.  I was heading out to an event on Saturday for a music video a friend of mine had worked on.  I showered up, put on (ever so slightly) decent clothes, an made sure I didn’t look too terrible.  I hopped down the stairs, turned the knob of the door and…

The knob pulled out of the door.

Not like, all the way out, but enough that it couldn’t catch the latch to open the door.  After a few minutes of struggling, I gave up and, for the first time ever, knocked on my landlord’s door.  Even he couldn’t get the knob to work, and had to go out the basement exit and open the door from the outside.

As I left, he told me that for that night he would tape the knob lock down, meaning that only the deadbolt would be locked when I came back.  I said alright and went on my way.

After a fun event at a bar (at which I had a drink with an oyster in it for some reason) I came back home, unlocked the deadbolt, pushed the door and…


The door didn’t move an inch.

I was able to get in no problem after I stopped panicking, but for one lovely minute, I totally thought I was locked out of my apartment at two in the morning.  As for now, the doorknob works… kind of.  

I get the feeling the mice are behind this…