Every once in a while I make a strip that, once finished, I get the feeling it makes no sense, or is wayyyy too obscure a joke, severely diminishing the amount of people that will find it funny.  This one is a good example.

I believe that today’s strip shall join it in randomness infamy.

So, I was riding the train into Brooklyn over the weekend, and right around 34th street, a woman and (I assume) her boyfriend ran into the train car I was in.  They (very intensely) stared around at everyone in the car for a few moments until the girl finally blurted out,


People seemed to be a bit taken aback by how she was speaking; no one immediately answered.  Then she got right up into some older man’s face and yelled at him, “IS THIS A Q TRAIN?”

The man seemed frightened by her, and began to turn away, the girl leered and in one of the nastiest tones I’ve heard spat out, “Is this a $#*^%&# Q train?”

I had heard enough of her at this point, stood up, and walked over.  I calmly stated, “Yes, this is a Q train.”

She turned my way, gifting me a sneer and the evil eye.  “Yeah, how do you know?” she said.

I pointed to a big sign on the wall that said “Q TRAIN.”  

“Yeah, well… is this the one that goes to Brooklyn?”

I pointed to the sign again, where, yes, it happened to mention that we were Brooklyn bound.

Her mouth opened and closed wordlessly a few times, unsuccessfully trying to put together a comeback.  She nodded to her boyfriend and they went to the other side of the car, away from the people that were now giggling at them.

So, I went to MOCCA on Sunday for a few hours to see all the comic booths… it was a ton of fun!  I picked up a ton of little business cards and free bookmarks and stuff.  While they were all really cool, one guy stood out in particular: Will from Thorneater Comics.

I was brought in by his “I’ll draw you for a dollar” sign and asked him for a doodle.  So, ladies and gents, is Will’s rendition of yours truly:

I look hawt.

Will doesn’t have a full website (not that I can find, anyway) but you can follow him on Twitter here and check out his Facebook page here.  Show him some love!

LIVESTREAM UPDATE:  Livestreams this week are tentatively scheduled for Thursday and Friday (May 3rd and 4th) at 9pm est.