One thing that I never got to hear much of during my first (non-stealth) playthrough of Skyrim was NPC chatter; normally I’d just run into rooms and beat the bajezzus out of everything until it died or ran away.  Sneaking afforded me the opportunity to listen to baddies chat with each other, where often times NPCs mention how stashing a knife in their boots would serve as an antidote to disarmament.


So a few mornings ago I awoke to a series of thunk THUNK thunk THUNK.  I figured, hoped maybe, that it was my landlord fixing one of the many things that seem to have gone wrong in our building recently.  I looked at the time, decided it was too early to get up, and tried to go back to sleep.


Ok, I thought, that definitely sounded like it came from inside my apartment.  This thought didn’t really bother me, however, because the roof access goes through our living room, so the landlord may have come in to get some work done with our leaky roof.


Alright, ^*$# it.  I got out of bed to see what the commotion was.  I creaked my door open a few inches… no ladder, roof access thingy closed.  What the heck?


I opened my door all the way.  In the living room, Jackie was tossing darts.  My sister got me a dartboard for Christmas, and Jackie finally took the initiative and hung it up on the wall.  Sweet!

Unfortunately, we are both pretty god awful at darts; our wall is now peppered with tens (soon to be thousands) of little holes.

I think it might be in my best interest to invest in a tub of spackle sometime soon.

LIVESTREAM UPDATE:  Okie dokie, barring any sort of out of control nonsense, doodle livestreams are scheduled this week for Thursday (May 3rd) and Friday (May 4th) (sorry, won’t be around Friday night) at 9pm est.  If you’d like, come and check it out!