I haven’t really seen anything concrete that would suggest nirnroot having narcotic qualities, but its alchemical properties are: damage health, damage stamina, invisibility, and resist magic.

Sounds pretty psychedelic to me.

One of the perks about living where I live is that I’m at the far end of a subway line.  While this makes my travel time longer than others, more often than not there are tons of empty seats available, which is especially awesome when I’m heading to Brooklyn (which takes about an hour/hour and a half).

This weekend was no exception.  I was heading to Brooklyn to a board game… party I guess, got on the train, and sat down at one of the many available seats.  Once the train was near mid-Manhattan, however, it was totally packed.

I wasn’t really paying attention to the people around me; my head was turned downward while I played games haphazardly on my phone (stupid, inaccurate touch-screens).  Suddenly, someone’s bag hit me right in the head.

No biggie, I figured, people were shuffling all over the place; someone probably tripped.

Moments later, wham, it happened again.  I looked up and staring back at me was some lady in her late 20s/early 30s holding a large floral print bag.  Our eyes met and I turned back to my phone.

Wham.  WHAM.

I looked up again, and she was still staring at me.  Surely she knew her back was hitting me, right?


One last time I looked down.  WHAM.

My head snapped up and I was about to say something, but the doors opened and she got off the train.  I’m not really sure what her deal was, either she took a lot of pleasure in making those few moments uncomfortable for me, or she was genuinely unaware that she was repeatedly smacking me.

I guess I’ll never know.

Something really really neat happened while at my friend’s place that almost made me forget about the bag lady.  There were a few people at the party that I was unfamiliar with.  After exchanging names and so on, one guy asked what I do.  I said something to the effect of “not much.”

That seemed like kind of a weak answer, so I followed up by saying that “I have a crappy comic strip.”

“Oh?  What’s it called?”

“Corpse Run.”

“Wait?  You’re Corpse Run Comics?”

The guy’s name was Aaron, and he said that he had seen my strips before and gave me a handshake.  I was totally blown away, amazed (and extremely delighted) that he enjoyed the strip.  So, shout out to the awesome Aaron, who’s a pretty cool guy himself!

LIVESTREAM UPDATE:  The livestreams have been really fun, and the audience has been growing (in small amounts) week to week!  Awesome!  There are a handful of regulars who are very active in the chat, so why not come and join in at the next stream?  Streams for this week are Monday and Tuesday at 9pm – 11pm est, and I’ll change the stream schedule (located to the left of this post) if anything changes.

They are recorded, so if you wanna see any of the previous streams, you can watch them here.