So here is a totally spoiler free comic featuring a scene with Thor from the Avengers movie that just came out.  Without giving anything away, here’s the gist: Thor has the ability to call his big ol’ hammer to him, something which he does numerous times during the film.

While I’m totally cool with his hammer magically flying to him in a moment’s notice, I’m not cool with how Thor employs this tactic without any care given to the locations he is in.  In one particular instance, his hammer travels through multiple floors and walls, which could easily have killed dozens (if not more) innocent people who were just milling around doing their job when their lives were suddenly and violently cut short by Thor’s stupidity.

Food for thought.

So I was at the laundromat earlier, and while I never particularly enjoy running that errand, there was one man who… cured my boredom.  As he was loading his washing machine, he appeared as though he was about to sneeze.  Eyes darting frantically around the room at myself and the other patrons, he apparently concluded that he didn’t want to sneeze in our airspace, so he shoved his head in the machine and sneezed all over his clothes.

His head slowly rose from the machine, trace amounts of snot clinging to his nose when…


His head snapped back and then forward into the machine once more; sneeze two went off moments later.

It seems as though he didn’t want to pollute our breathing air with sneezes, his sacrifice apparently (to him anyway) akin to a soldier covering up a grenade to protect his squad-mates.

Carry on, sneeze guy, carry on.

By the by… guess what I was doing at the laundromat?  Washing some new Corpse Run T-Shirts!

After a lot of putzing around and doing nothing, I finally got some shirts available!  There are three designs up at the moment.

First off, we’ve got the ever popular Derpigator, which was the catalyst doodle for getting this shirts thing started!

Next up are our lovey-dovey Cat and Dog pals, also from a livestream doodle!

And finally, something a bit more video game themed: some kind of starry… foxy… sixtyish… fourish… thing…

If you would like to get one of these totally sexy shirts (worn by the amazingly handsome yours truly) take a stroll over to the newborn Corpse Run Store!  It’s so young that there’s still bits of placenta stuck to it.

And by placenta, I mean background display issues… but it’s functional nonetheless!

I personally prefer lighter colored shirts (a must for the Star Fox shirt), but the choice is yours, and yours alone!

LIVESTREAM STUFF:  Hey, so the livestreams have been totally fun for me (and I hope fun for you!) but it seems as though the majority of people who watch them are either in the mid to western US, so my regular starting time of 9pm est might be a bit too early.  Would you guys prefer starting an hour later (10pm est)?  Let me know!