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I went to brush my teeth last night and noticed (for the millionth time this month) that our sink is backed up and the water was taking a short eternity to do down the drain.

“I really should get some liquid plumr or somethi-”

liquid plumr… liquid plumber… Liquid plumber

yuck yuck yuck…  I’m pretty stupid sometimes, I think.

Richard is trying to get a game of ultimate frisbee together this weekend, something that we did a number of times during college that was awesomely fun.  Despite the fact that I totally love frisbee (although I admit I’m not that good at it) there was one frisbee outing that went… awfully.

The northern tip of Roosevelt island is a little park complete with an open field and numerous grill pits; it was (and I imagine still is) the perfect place for a day trip with friends.  It was here that we set up our frisbee game.

Richard grabbed two cones and made his way out into the field to create one of the endzones.  As he crouched down to place the second cone, I called out to him, “Hey, there’s a tree in that endzone… isn’t that dangerous?”

According to Rich, everything was cool.  Really, what are the chances of someone hitting the tree?  Low I supposed.

But there was still a possibility.

For a couple hours, we had a really fun, low intensity game of ultimate frisbee.  Towards the end of the day, however, something did go wrong.

I was running a crossing route through the middle of the endzone with the tree, I turned my head towards the sideline, caught the frisbee and then-


I don’t really remember what happened next.  I do recall seeing my glasses flying off, but honestly I couldn’t remember a thing involving the ten or so seconds that transpired after running full speed head-first into a tree.

The next image that I saw was all of my friends standing over me in a circle asking if I was all right.  Everything appeared to be much shinier than it should have been.  Someone handed me an ice pop to push against my face, apparently they went to get ice but the store had run out.

I for the life of me can’t remember exactly when, but I eventually turned to Rich and said something to the effect of, “Yeah, that tree in the endzone… totally harmless.”

One concussion and massive black eye later, we no longer use that endzone configuration.