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I was out playing frisbee on Saturday, and while I totally love playing, I really have no physical ability and a stamina level that can barely move the… stamina… meter… thing…

What I’m trying to say is that my body is sore as heck, which led to today’s strip being pretty short.  Also, I have like, five hundred thousand bug bites.  That doesn’t help, either.

Mere minutes ago I decided to get some egg drop soup from the Chinese restaurant down the street, and I got much more than soup while I was there: I got today’s story.

While I was waiting for my order there was a five person family (two parents and three little girls) eating a meal.  Outside of the yelling from the two girls that were somewhere around toddler age, the third, slightly older girl was reading the zodiac chart on her paper placemat.

“Daddy, Daddy!” she exclaimed, trying to get her father’s attention over the jet engine-esque din produced by her siblings, “I’m a horse!”

Her father was unamused by her daughter’s Zodiac sign.  Apparently she took this as an opportunity to wow him with the horse explanation, “Horses are very attractive to the opposite… sex!”

“The opposite sex!”


After yelling “sex” as loud as her little lungs could muster, her dad finally tried to calm her down while nervously looking around at the other customers.  He gave a few sheepish smiles to anyone who would have them and made a “shh” gesture towards his daughter.

She was having none of it and continued reading, “Daddy!  Wanna hear about the cock?”

“Daddy” tried not to notice what she said.

“Daddy listen about my cock!  Listen about my cock, Daddy!”

It was at this point that my order was ready, and after exchanging smiles with the cashier, I quickly left the restaurant and hoped that maybe the mother would step in and keep the girl from shouting out anything else.

Kids, aren’t they the cutest?