LIVESTREAM UPDATE: Okie, so the plan for this week’s livestream will be tonight (Thursday, May 31st) at 10 pm est.  I doodle, talk, and generally be stupid!  I’ll post links on Twitter and Facebook when it’s about to start, so come check it out!

I mentioned at some point somewhere that I was doing a FF9 run and I’m happy to report that it finished up this week.  I figured it would be foolish of me to play through a whole game and not have a single strip out of it, so here’s some Final Fantasy 9 with a bit of MST3K and Star Trek sprinkles!  Woo!

I had a dental appointment on Tuesday which was mercifully devoid of any sharp hooks, drills, and needles.  What it did have, however, was impression goo.  My dentist needed an impression of my mouth (which I assume will be used to create a monument located in downtown Manhattan honoring my dental superiority), which requires the use of a quick drying rubbery goop-type substance.  In order not to mess up the procedure, the dentist needs to act incredibly fast: only seconds can pass between mixing the materials and putting it in the patient’s mouth.

This leads to a lot of goop spilling on the patient’s face, throat, and bib.

I was no exception.

Once the gooey mixture had sufficiently hardened, the mold was removed from my mouth and, although I had no mirror, I could tell that my face was covered in dried goo.  My internal censor (which seems to malfunction with alarming regularity) must have been switched off, because the first thing that came out of my recently liberated mouth was,

“Man, I must look like I’m in the worst porno ever.”

My dentist stopped, slowly turned, looked me right in the eyes, and said, “Alex, that’s really disgusting.”

…well… yeah… but…