In totally unrelated news, I played Limbo on Monday and had a totally awesome time with it, so if you happen to get the chance to play it, I’d highly recommend you do so.

Bit of housecleaning news:

If you’re reading this on Thursday morning, I’ll already be on my way up to the summer camp that opens later this month for a small landscaping project to spruce up the place.  What this meant for this past week: getting today’s and Monday’s comics done in advance.  What this means for the next few days: there’s a small chance (but a chance nonetheless) that there will not be a Kat’s Korner post on Friday, as I do not know what the internet situation is up at the camp yet.  Additionally, there won’t be a livestream this week, but I promise one next week!

If we have internet going, there will be a Kat’s Korner, if not, don’t worry, I’ll get something up the moment I get back!  Hopefully it will be a non-issue.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming!

In the span of about ten minutes I had two of the more bizzarre conversations I’ve ever had in my life.  I had gone to the grocery store to pick up a loaf of bread and as I exited, a teenaged kid walked up to me holding some money.

This is a situation I’ve dealt with a few times before.  “No, sorry,” I said, assuming he wanted me to go back into the store to buy him beer, and walked past him.

“No, wait!” he exclaimed.

I stopped and, in an attempt to be a nice guy, gave him my full attention.

He pointed to the recently opened pet store near the supermarket, “I want you to buy me a lizard.”

What?  My brain clearly malfunctioned for a moment, because a teenager just asked me to buy him a lizard.

“Uhh… no, sorry.” I said and kept walking.

“But I have the money!”

“That’s alright!” I exclaimed as I turned the corner.

I kept running the situation over and over in my head on the way home, but little did I know something more awkward was coming my way.

My landlady was sitting on the stoop reading a newspaper like she often does.  Now, normally we just exchange pleasant “How are you’s” and not much else.  Today was different.

Her eyes lit up when she saw me and she said, “Oh, you look just like my son today!”

I gave her a cheerful laugh and thanked her, not really knowing why she said that.  She made a gesture across her face, representing a beard, and repeated the line.

“Wait here!” she said.

She disappeared into her apartment, and quickly emerged with a guy that was almost exactly my height and sporting a healthy amount of stubble.

He also looked confused as heck as to why his mother pulled him out to meet me and, I must admit, I probably looked that way too.  We shook hands, exchanged names (which I promptly forgot, not on purpose, but because I instantly forget names), and then started to talk about… facial hair.  

That’s right.  Due to the fact that my landlady brought us together solely based on the fact that we hadn’t shaved in a while, we struck up a conversation about facial hair.  I bet you guys can tell how well that went.

Once we ran out of things to say about shaving, we moved on to regular hair, where, in a stunning display of my excellent social skills, I made a joke about receding hair lines and pulled back my hair to show.  The guy, in an incredibly gracious move toward me, made a similar joke and removed his hat, revealing his own hair loss.

Our conversation had reached a level of awkward that I never thought possible, made only stranger by the fact that my landlady was silently smiling at us the entire time.  We eventually wrapped up the conversation and went to our respective apartments.

It’s been a strange day.