Initially, I planned to have myself be the unfortunate urine victim in the last panel, but I ultimately figured Dan was more qualified for the job.  I’m not saying, however, that he deserves to get pee on his face.

I’m not saying he doesn’t, either.

We had “Casino Night” for evening activity a few days ago, where each kid is given fake money in order to play casino games run by the counselors.  Each cabin leader was given extra money to give to his/her campers in the event that they ran out of cash.

One such cabin leader was my friend Kami, who while we were talking as the kids played, held the money loosely in his hand.  Too loosely; a girl came running across the deck, grabbed the fake dough, and ran off into the crowd.

Kami looked down at his hands in disgust, looked to me, and mouthed “what the $#^&?”  I had figured that things had already gone to hell, so I punched him in the stomach, said, “Welcome to Vegas, bi$#%,” and pretended to run away.

Summer Camp: where $#^% gets real.

By the way… STEAM SALES!  Woooooo!  So far I’ve picked up Portal 2, Terraria, Trine, and Trine 2, all for what amounts to nothing.  I can’t wait to see what else will be going on sale over the next few days!  Have you guys picked up anything?