Kids these days… I tell you, I’m getting close to yelling at them to get off my lawn and to turn down their damned funky music and what-have-you.  Back in my day, things were done the right way.

Well, now that I’m over my case of September Syndrome, here’s a story that involves a kid at my camp.  In addition to being the tech guy, a lot of my time is occupied by making hospital runs for dinged up/sick campers and counselors.

Just before lunch, I was told that I would be bringing a little girl to the clinic due to the fact that she was complaining about symptoms associated with a urinary tract infection, namely, she constantly felt like she had to go to the bathroom, and was in and out of the toilet all day.  The weird thing was, the nurse told me that there was no burning or anything else wrong with her.

Whatever, I figured, the doctor can figure out what the problem is.

After a loooong time of filling out insurance forms (an issue made significantly more complicated by the fact that she’s from out of the country) we finally got to see the doctor.  After explaining the issue, the first thing the doctor asked her was if she had been drinking more while at camp.

“No, not more than usual,” she said.

“And there’s no burning or pain when you go to the bathroom?”


The doctor said she was going to have to wait on the results of her urine test before going any further.

So we waited…

For quite some time.

Eventually the doctor came back in and explained that the test came back negative, and it appeared as though nothing was medically wrong with the girl.

“Oh!” she said, “I forgot to mention one thing.”


“I’ve been drinking a lot of juice.  My mom doesn’t let me have juice at home, so I’m drinking a ton while I’m here.”