I really wish I had these when I was younger.  At some point during my childhood childhood I, for reasons unbeknownst to me, became the designated go to guy for fixing computers.

Which sucks.

At first, everything is pretty normal… you help out a relative installing something, or changing settings around for them or what-have-you, they say thanks, and the both of you move on.

Then that relative tells a few people what you did for him… and they tell a few people… and so on.

Suddenly, my phone was ringing every day during high school, with friends and family members calling and asking how to fix stuff.  I’d just Google their issues to find the solutions.

As annoying as all that was, I liked helping people, so it wasn’t all that big a deal.  The big deal would be when these people, who I helped for free, would call, sometimes months later and say things like, “Hey, you helped me make my email account last August, and now my computer isn’t working, what did you do?”

How the heck am I supposed to respond to that?  Nowadays I try to avoid these situations altogether  by not getting involved…

By the way, this update is the last one coming to you from camp!  I’ll be back in the city later this week, which means that livestreams will be starting again!  Cool!  I’ll let you guys know exactly when once I’m officially back.

I mentioned on Friday that I was putting together the final slideshow of the summer, and fortunately the kids loved it!  Their favorite part happened to be this scene, which took place right after the color war segment (the gold team won):

Since I didn’t have a tripod or anything, and therefore could not touch the camera without moving it, I had to shoot both parts in the same clip… which means I had to change inbetween the gold and blue segments.

I figured the raw clip looked pretty funny, so take a look!