I wish I could say it wasn’t true.

I wish I could say that, on Tuesday’s trip to Six Flags, I did not witness a lady walking around with her child (I hope he was hers) on a leash.  I wish I could say that a couple of kids no older than 16/17 we not making out on the line for Kingda-Ka.

And most sincerely, I wish that there was not a man wearing a shirt featuring himself, the line “Would you date me?” and his phone number.

Yes, the actual guy was creepier than what you see in the comic.

I think that deserves a medal or something.

A heavy one.

Outside of the occasional weird person sighting, the park was an awesome way to wrap up the summer; it was equal parts entertaining and reflective.

There was one other issue, however…

Are you familiar with the water ride?  Not the water park stuff, which we didn’t go to, but the one “regular” park water ride, which features an enormous twelve seater tube that snakes around a waterway filled with rapids.

The counselors and I all piled into the tube, strapped ourselves in, and were sent off by the ride-operator down the river.  Just before hitting the first set of rapids, our tube bumped the wall, causing the whole thing to spin around…

Exactly enough for only me and the two other unfortunate guys in my vicinity to get splashed.

The other, dryer counselors laughed, but hey, the next rapid is coming up, they’ll get theirs.

Or, alternatively, we’ll get it again.  Luke, Kristyian, (my unfortunate seatmates) and I were splashed a second time.

Apparently, the ride is designed where whoever gets splashed first is getting splashed the whole way.  In other words, torture.

When it was all said and done, a very wet Luke, Kristyian, and I were on the receiving end of many wet/dry jokes for the rest of the day.


Quick shoutout by the way to the young girl sporting a Fluttershy shirt at the park.  If you happened to be a young kid at Six Flags Great Adventure wearing this shirt on Tuesday, you rock… woo-hoo!

On a final note, I’m still not 100% settled back in my apartment yet, but once I am, I’ll let you guys know about the livestream schedules!