First off, if anyone had been waiting for a comment to be approved over the last few days… sorry!  I was totally away from computers and stuff recently and was unable to approve everything right away… or even after a good long while.

Everything pending approval has now been approved… sorry it took so long!

I would also like to apologize to Mr. Samuel L. Jackson, another guy on the super cool (and lengthy) list of people I can’t draw.

By the way, I’ve been replaying Ocarina of Time while riding the trains this week… but not on a DS… rather, on my phone!  What a crazy world we live in where every single thing I ever enjoyed during my childhood can now be stored in/executed by a mobile phone… wild.

It feels like every day I’ve been back in the city the temperature has been hovering somewhere between 95 and a billion degrees.  As such, I’ve been making use of my super awesome air conditioner.  However, the AC hasn’t been that super awesome recently, barely any air comes out, and its coolness has been up for debate.

I figured it might be time to clean out the filter, so I popped open the cover, and…

I think I could have made a sweater out of the amount of dust and lint and what-have-you that clung to the filter.  Also, and I don’t even know how this happened, there were a smattering of bugs inside as well.

Perhaps they’d like to be a part of my new sweater…

Finally, a quick shout-out to reader Ayush, who started a cool site with his buddies!  Click here to check out Vault Mix, a combination gaming, tech, and movie blog!