LIVESTREAM UPDATE:  Hey guys, the next livestream will be tonight (Thursday, September 6th, 2012) at 10pm est!  I’ll be doodling, telling silly stories, and answering questions so if you’re a fan of any of those things, come check it out!  The stream can be seen here or here.

Another Zelda strip?  Two in a row?!  That’s crazy!  Silly even!  I’m still ploughing my way through Ocarina of Time on my phone, so it’s pretty fresh in my mind.  Quick note on playing games on phones: the controls, as you might imagine, are god awful… especially when the game takes place in a three dimensional world.

Also, I want to move the Z button to someplace more manageable (it’s located right above the onscreen joystick), as it’s supremely difficult to hit it with any kind of consistency.

During the summer, due to a combination of physical attraction and a desire to pass the time, counselors will hook up at night.  One such pairing were regularly doing so in one of the facility’s basements.  My friend Arno designed a prank around them.  Inside of the basement, amongst other things, is a coffin.

I’m sure you guys see where this is going.

The plan was for Arno to hide in the coffin early in the night, before the couple arrived, and after a while, pop out of the coffin to scare the heck out of them.  I would be waiting outside with a video camera to document their reaction.

After Arno told me the plan, I said, “You know, if you really want to play an awesome prank… just don’t show up that night.”

Arno asked why that would be a good prank.

“Think of it like this.  Eventually the counselors will leave the basement and they’ll see me there with a video camera.  They’ll think I was being a creep-o by taping them hooking up, forcing me to explain.

I’ll run into the basement while talking about Arno in the coffin, and when I open the coffin…

There’ll be nothing in there.”

Even though I’d be on the receiving end of this prank and would most likely earn the ire of my peers, I think, for the sake of comedy, that it would totally be worth it.