Man, Link just can’t catch a break, poor guy…

Despite the fact that I ran out of steam/patience playing Ocarina of Time on my phone, here’s yet another Zelda themed strip!  May as well rename the site to Corpse…Zelda… or something.

For anyone who’s been missing out on the livestreams, let me first say that you should totally come check them out for the doodling fun/Q&A/silliness that has been a part of the stream since it’s inception.  Just in case you needed a little extra incentive, however, I started playing some games during the stream as well.

A viewer in the channel suggested I check out Slender, a horror/exploration game that, at the totally awesome price of zero dollars, I immediately downloaded.  Now, I’m not really one to get freaked out often, but Slender… oh man, it had me shaking in my chair.

Here’s a haphazardly cut up video of my Slender adventure:

If you ever wondered what a genuine Alex scream sounds like, stick around till the end of the video.

Finally, a reader sent me this neat, Obama-Hope Poster image of Alex!  Awesome!