I’m just going to go ahead and assume that anyone who’s ever played an RPG (J or otherwise) has needed to grind at one point or another.  I’m also going to assume that those people run in circles over and over again to spawn random encounters.

That’s the regular way to do it, right?

Granted, there are some games where it’s a bad idea to grind, games in which the world levels with your characters (think Final Fantasy 8 or Oblivion).  Kudos to Jackie for pointing that out when we were talking about grinding on Saturday.

By the way, I think this is just the second FF7 strip that I’ve done, the last one being this strip from last summer, which is weird, because I played that game a lot growing up.

The characters used in the strip, as it so happens, were in the party configuration I selected almost every time I played FF7.  Tifa and Cid are just too awesome, especially Cid, whose ultimate weapon did damage based on how full his MP was, meaning that you could do tons of damage with just regular attacks every turn merely by never using magic with him.

I think that’s how it worked, I might not be remembering correctly.

And sure, you could deal out absolutely silly damage numbers with, say Knights of the Round and mimic and all that, but sometimes I would really just get a kick out of powerful basic attacks (which is partly why FF8 is so fun).

Anyways, while I was looking up pictures of the FF7 characters to get the right colors, it suddenly occurred to me that almost every major character in the game has gloves that either go right up to the elbow, or get close.

Seriously. Check. This. Crazy. Nonsense. Out.

Everyone has wacky gloves.


Forget the Shinra corporation, whoever designs gloves in the world of Final Fantasy 7 (which for some reason outside my understanding contains Korea) is most likely running the most successful business out there.

Finally, it just about time for the weather to turn really cold, and I am slightly dreading taking my air conditioner out of the wall.  I’ve never had a problem removing it before, but every time I take it out or put it in, I’m constantly terrified that it’ll fall out of the window and kill someone.

Hopefully this time won’t be that time.