The next livestream will be this Friday, October 5th, 2012 at 10pm est!  If you enjoy doodling, watching doodling, or anything involving doodling, you might get a kick out of it.  Furthermore, if you enjoy (or are interested in) listening to me ramble about nonsense, the livestream will be right up your alley.  Furtherfurthermore, if you have any questions during the stream, I will be answering them!

So, if any of this appeals to you, come check it out!  The stream can be viewed here or here.

Additionally, someone suggested I play a certain game for this stream, and after looking it up, it seems to be PC only.  This means that I would have to shut down my computer (and the stream) during the middle of things, so I will instead give Dear Esther a try in order to mix things up a little from all the TF2 I’ve been playing.  Apologies.

Concerning Dear Esther, I actually know nothing about the game; I just happened to pick it up on a whim during the summer Steam sales, so I figure it’ll be fun to jump right in without knowing what kind of game it is.  Surprises abound!

This concludes the livestream update portion of the post!  Regular content coming right up!

I mentioned a moment ago that I’ve been playing a fairly hefty dose of TF2 recently, so it would be foolish of me not to have any kind of TF2 strip to show for it.  Just in case you’re wondering, no, I don’t have any moldy sandwiches in the fridge; I just happened to feel that the “vintage” tag given to some TF2 items might not be such a great thing when it comes to the more… edible items in the game.

That said, I do have a lovely food story to share with you.  Well, maybe not a story, but a food occurrence.

Just before the presidential debate started tonight I figured that I could use a snack to carry me through the proceedings.  Naturally I grabbed one of my go-to delectables: a can of anchovies.

I feel as though I’ve mentioned this sometime before, but it bears repeating: never open a can of anchovies in your bed.  Despite how carefully I pulled back on the tab, the lid decided to blow open, sending a mix of oil and bits of little fish airborne, ultimately covering the portion of the bed where I had been sitting.

Also, myself.

There aren’t many things that get to me.  However, having gross, dirty hands happens to be one of them.  Mud, dirt, etc. is one thing, it’s a coarse dirty, which isn’t the end of the world.  Oily, slick dirty, however, might be one of the worst physical feelings one can have short of pain.

Equally damning is that you can’t touch anything when your hands are covered in oil… not if you want to ever touch those things again, that is.  Holding my hands up in the air and away from my person, I shuffled to the kitchen and fumbled to turn on the sink using a clumsy combination of my elbows and chin.

Even now, despite the fact that I’ve washed my hands thirty times I still feel a lingering greasiness.  Maybe it’s mental.  Who knows…

Anyway, let my stupidity once again serve as a lesson: never, under any circumstances, should you open a can of anchovies while in bed.

It’s just not worth it, folks.