Oh incognito, we all still love you despite your quirks… namely still keeping tabs on our info one way or another when we search for things… I digress…

On the note of me walking around in my underwear all the time in the apartment, that is absolutely true.  So long as the temperature permits, I will usually don nothing more than a pair of boxers and, if I happen to feel fancy, maybe a t-shirt.

What can I say?  It’s super comfortable.

On the flip-side, however, it’s super uncomfortable when I walk into the kitchen in… meager clothing when Jackie has company.  I don’t do that on purpose, mind you.  Despite the fact that the door to our apartment is literally right next to my bedroom, I almost never hear it open or close, meaning that if Jackie has a friend over, chances are that I’m unaware of that fact.

Unless it’s Jen.  Jen likes to get tipsy.

Then hammered.

Then I know she’s here.

In regards to unexpected underwear, I was unfortunately on the receiving end of something similar a few months ago.  I had to go downstairs to talk to my landlord about stuff and when he answered the door, all he was wearing (that I could tell) was a slightly oversized white button down shirt.  I like to think that he had underwear on and that the bottom of the shirt was blocking it from view…

…but you never know.

For those of you who wanted to see the last livestream because they couldn’t make it (or wanted to watch it again if you’re wacky) you may have been disappointed by the fact that it hasn’t shown up on the Corpse Run Livestream library.  At the end of the stream on Friday, the stream program thingy froze up and lost connection, meaning that it didn’t get auto placed into the library.

I’m working on fixing that right now, so stay tuned!

Also, I just wanted to give a shout-out to the people who’ve been attending the streams, each week you guys totally make my day and make the streams themselves better and better.  Keep being awesome, and thanks for making the whole shindig really super fun for me.

As always, I’ll let you guys know when the next stream is as soon as I figure it out.  Most likely Thursday or Friday.

Finally, a really silly but awesome video I stumbled across on Youtube.  It’s a parody of “This Day” from My Little Pony, where the characters are singing about what’s actually happening on screen, as opposed to the plot.  I was dying laughing (real life el-oh-elling) when I first watched it.  Enjoy!

The “I should have thought this through” part killed me.