LIVESTREAM UPDATE: The next livestream will be Saturday, October 13th, 2012 at 10pm est!  Usually the streams are Thursday or Friday, but I’ll be busy both those nights this week, so Saturday it is!  Just in case you haven’t noticed, most of the Kat’s Korner doodles comes from the streams, so if you’d like to see how stuff gets made, come check it out!  As usual, feel free to ask me questions/listen to me ramble for a couple of hours, all capped off with playing some games!

Last week’s game, Dear Esther, was… interesting.  It was less of a game than it was an interactive book… but hey, we got some entertainment out of it, so it’s all good!  I’ll be looking through my steam library to find something new to play for Saturday!

The stream can be watched here or here.


This strip is one of those strips that make me wonder how well I function as an adult, which is to say not at all.  I doodle infantile things, I have infantile thoughts, I think infantile jokes, I still love cartoons…

These are not traits of a well-functioning adult.

On the other hand, I love food that kids find gross, so that’s definitely a check in the “adult” column.

With that in mind, I consider it a wash.  Yes, let’s go with that.

On the subject of food (and my idiocy), a friend of mine is having a potluck dinner this Friday (the primary reason why the next livestream was moved to Saturday), and I figured I can’t just buy something to bring to the party, I need to make something.

Back in February, I totally rocked an awesome veggie lasagna, and while I could make that again, I felt I needed to mix it up.

Deviled Eggs.

Oh yeah.

So I went to the store to get a bunch of eggs, and figured with roughly ten guests, I’ll get 36 eggs.  I figured that gave everyone three eggs to eat, plus six left over in case anyone wanted more.

Some of you already caught my mistake.  Just in case you haven’t go ahead and read the last paragraph again.

I’ll wait.

I figure everyone caught what I did wrong now.  For some reason completely outside my realm of thought, I forgot to consider the fact that deviled eggs are cut in half… each egg makes two deviled eggs.

I essentially just bought enough eggs to make 72 deviled eggs.  No way everyone will finish that, I figured, especially considering that there will be other food available.

Oh well, I’ll just make less, and use the remaining eggs as breakfast for the next century.

To make matters worse, I attempted a trial run tonight making the deviled eggs, and in my rush I only soft boiled the eggs.

Well… soft boiled eggs are delicious too.  No loss!

Quick shoutout, by the way, to Big Gay Ice-cream, an ice-cream shop in New York located on 1st Avenue and Avenue A.  Other than the fact that they have totally awesome ice cream, the staff is super friendly and awesome… they even have a guy to greet customers outside and make suggestions even before you get through the door… which is actually pretty important considering the line to get in was 20 or so feet outside the entrance.

Yeah, it’s so good the line starts outside the door.

Seriously though, good ice-cream.  If you live in the city, try to check it out sometime.

Finally, one of my comics was put up on Dorkly yesterday!  In the grand scheme of the internet, it’s probably not that big a deal, but it make me feel super awesome!  Double points because they actually linked it back here!  Thank you Dorkly!