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It’s been like, forever since there was an Iron Chef strip.  Seriously, the last one was strip number seven back in June 2010.

Keeping on this schedule, we can expect the next Iron Chef comic to debut a little over two years from now.  Please, contain your excitement and quell you anticipation.

Strip idea came from my deviled eggs adventure, which went really well!  The final product was a jalapeno infused mix that wasn’t too spicy but had enough pepper to let you know it was there.  In other words, it came out much better than I had anticipated.

Some people have asked for the recipe for the delectable creation, so here it goes!

Super Amazing Corpse Run Jalapeno Deviled Eggs:

24 Eggs – use more than you’re intending to make because some eggs might crack during boiling or get messed up while peeling.  Additionally, the night before cooking, place eggs sideways in the carton to properly position the yolk.

Slice eggs lengthwise in half and remove the yolks.  Then in a mixing bowl, mix the yolks with the following:

1 minced Jalapeno

4 tablespoons ground black pepper

A glob of Super A 48% margarine  stuff

A four or five second long squeeze of cheap as heck mustard

After tasting to realize that it still only tastes like eggs/jalapeno, add:

Another glob of Super A 48% margarine stuff

Another long squeeze of cheap mustard

Enough ground black pepper to force involuntary sneezing

At this point, you’re ready to add the secret ingredient, which is as follows:

Another squeeze of mustard.

Mix in the bowl with a spoon or a fork (no fancy mixing apparatus required) until everything is evenly mixed together.  Put mixture back into the empty egg whites and BAM!

You’ve got Corpse Run approved Deviled Eggs.

Seek out medical attention immediately.