Hey guys, the next livestream will be tonight, Thursday, October 18th 2012 at 10pm est!  Come on down for a few hours of doodling and playing games!  I mean, what could possibly be more fun than that?

A bouncy-castle full of hamsters?

Hell no!  The stream is even more-fun-ier-est, so come check it out!  If… you know… you’re not busy or anything…

The stream can be viewed here or here.



I got a few messages yesterday concerning the RSS feed, which spat out a bunch of posts that are not affiliated with myself or the comic.  First off, I apologize for the mess-up.  Apparently there was a small blip that crossed my feed with another site which uses the same host, causing the aforementioned non-CR RSS posts.  It appears to be a minor thing and should not happen moving forward.  Again, my apologies for the inconvience.


Finally, on to the comic stuff!

This above strip was one of those ideas that I’ve had for over a year which had been resting neatly in my ever growing “comicideas” txt file.  The little notepad document has housed a bunch of silly ideas over the last few years, and the best way to tell if a strip is strange or out there is to measure how long the idea was on file before being made into a strip.

Did I mention it’s been there for over a year?

My friend Lima, for better or worse (although I’m leaning towards worse) points out pretty regularly that every time we see each other, somehow our conversation turns to poop for at least a minute or two.  I don’t mean poop as in it’s a crappy conversation, but poop as literal poop.

Feces, if you will.

This past weekend was no exception either, however, in my defense. I was not the perpetrator of injecting the foul substance into our discussion.

It appeared as though that made little difference to her, however… oh well.

Also over the weekend the oft-mentioned Rich introduced me to Kirby’s Dream Course, a really bizarre, trippy Kirby infused golf game.  It’s zany, strange, ridiculous, and features Kirby.

What’s not to love?

If you happen to get a chance to play it in the future, I highly recommend that you do.