Ok, my internet is still kind of slow post-Sandy, but I don’t want to go two streamless weeks.  Not on my watch.  With that in mind, the next livestream will be Friday, November 9th, 2012 at 10pm est!

Come on down for doodles, playing games, and (most likely) a tipsy Alex!  What could possibly be more fun than that?  A basketful of miniature giraffes?  Heck no!  Giraffes are more silly than they are fun, and I don’t think that they’d be too friendly a couple drinks into the night.

The stream can be viewed here or here.


So last time I mentioned that I was heading to a Halloween party over the weekend, where friends and I would be dressed as Disney villains.  Unbeknownst to me, not everyone received that memo, causing a party theme mashup of Disney villains/Scott Pilgrim characters.

While not a bad theme, Rich, who was to be Scott, got food poisoning and couldn’t make it.

This caused the party to be more of a Disney villans plus multiple Ramonas theme… plus George who dressed as a fairy hunter, complete with little bottles with glowing fairies inside.

Someone had a camera and was taking pictures, but sadly, they are not up on facebook yet, so I couldn’t retrieve them to post here just yet.  Once the pictures surface, I’ll be sure to post some!

The party was took place in Brooklyn, and as anyone who regularly depends on the NYC subway system already knows, getting from Queens to Brooklyn in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has been problematic.

After a long initial walk, Jackie and I were able to make it there by way of two buses.  Now, I’ve never taken a MTA bus before in my life and have heard some horror stories about them, but I was pretty shocked at the rudeness of some of the passengers.  There was regular pushing and shoving to move around the bus, but every few stops a passenger would attempt to get on without paying.

The driver, earnestly trying to do his job, would stop these guys immediately.  I was standing right by the front door, so I was fortunate enough to witness all the confrontations, my favorite of which went like this:

A young couple walks into the bus and tries to go right past the driver, who stops them and says that they have to pay.

“I don’t have a card,” said the girl.

“You can put change in the machine,” replied the driver.

There was a bit of an awkward pause, and then the girl spat out, “I don’t have the money.”

The driver shot her a look that made it clear that either she pay, or the bus wouldn’t move until she exited.

“I don’t have it.”

The driver maintained his stare.

I don’t have it” she repeated.


This was about the time where the other passengers were getting fed up with the situation and expected the girl to storm off the bus, dragging her silent boyfriend in tow.  What happened instead supremely ticked me off.

The girl gave an exasperated, pained sigh, reached into her bag, pulled out a metrocard, and swiped it.

Ding, she had now paid up.

So, not only did she have a metrocard, she had the money to pay her fare.  There are a couple of things that annoy me here: first off, lying drives me crazy, there’s almost never a situation where it’s a good idea to lie.  Second, she was willfully holding up the bus and everyone on it, and, finally, it was over a $2.25 fare.

Two dollars and twenty five cents.  How petty can someone be?

The trip home was mercifully easy, some of the trains decided to start running and we got home in about an hour and a half or so, thanks in huge part to a train conductor who saw Jackie and I (amongst a few others) running up a flight of stairs to catch it.

When faced with this situation, conductors usually drive off without waiting.  Not this man… he is a hero.

So last time I mentioned, possibly too late considering that Halloween had already past at the time, that there would be a Corpse Run Costume contest.  Sadly, no one sent any pics… booooooooooo.  Anyways, I still have three Derpigator buttons sitting on my desk, and I want to give them away to readers!  With that in mind, send me anything!  A doodle, a little anecdote… anything!

I’ll pick three and send those readers one of these… prized… Derpigator buttons!  Neat-o!

One of these fine babies could be yours…

Send your doodle/story/whatever to [email protected]

Finally, tomorrow is election day, so go out and vote!  That is all.