Ever since the storm my internet connection has been pretty spotty; everything is moving at sub-molasses speeds at the moment and isn’t really capable of streaming.  With that in mind, I’m going to forgo a livestream this week and will hope that things get back to normal for next week.

Chances are you guys have Halloween parties and stuff going on this weekend anyway, so… let’s reconvene next Thursday or Friday!

In order to make up for there being no Livestream this week, there will be…


This literally just popped into my head just a second ago, but here goes: why not have a costume contest?  If you are particularly proud of your Halloween costume, send a pic to [email protected] where Jackie and I will take a look and judge your costume’s awesomeness.

I’ve got three Derpigator Buttons sitting on my desk, and I suppose those can be the prizes.

In order to make sure that the photos are really you guys (and not some neat costume you found online), please hold a paper that says, “Willy Nilly Costume Silly Contest… Nilly… Willy” in your photo.  Deadline for the photos is Monday, November 5th, 2012.


Concerning the strip, I am neither Charlie Chaplin nor Mr. Hitler this year.  Chances are I’ll never be either of them, really.  Even though there’s nothing wrong with dressing up as Charlie Chaplin, there’s always the chance I forget to shave the moustache the next morning and walk around town looking like Hitler.

Which is not ideal.

Dan (I hope) usually isn’t mad at me, but today’s strip might have an effect on that, not due to having a Hitler joke, but because I have him dressed up as Lebron James.

Dan loathes Lebron James, so much so that if having to pick a more hated person between James and Hitler, Dan would, after much thought, give only a slight edge to Hitler.

And even then, he would do so begrudgingly.

Why does Dan hate Lebron James so much?  I’ll never really know for sure, but I have a pretty good theory.  Back when James was doing his “Decision” nonsense, Dan left camp to go to a local bar to watch the program, fully expecting James to pick his favorite team, the New York Knicks.

As we know, James decided to “take his talents to South Beach” and join the Heat.  This was the exact moment that Dan started hating James.

According to Dan, it’s because he abandoned his hometown and joined a superteam.

Mhm… I bet if James signed with the team Dan rooted for he’d foster a different opinion.  Anyways, Dan has a job with the newly relocated Brooklyn Nets now, and has switched up his NY basketball allegiance.

For the purposes of this strip, however, comic Dan loves Lebron, loves loves loves him.

As mentioned previously in livestreams, my friends and I will be dressing as Disney villains this year.  Hopefully there will be photos of the party over the weekend and, if so, they will be put up for you guys to see.

Finally, there’s a dude that reached out to me who’s trying to walk across an entire Minecraft map, which I’m told is 32 million blocks.  He’s streaming the process bit by bit, and his next stream will be tonight (November 1st, 2012) at 8pm est.  If you’re a Minecraft fan, or just interested in general, his stream can be found here.