This post is being typed LIVE from my apartment in the wee hours of Sunday morning!  I don’t really know what the deal is concerning the possibility of losing power over the next day or two, so I figure getting this post up in the scheduler as soon as possible is my safest course of action.

If in the event of losing power, I hope to have enough phone battery for a while to make a twitter post saying so, but if in the even unlikelier event of cell service/4g going down… well, I guess we have other things to worry about at that point.

For Hurricane Irene last year, in our area (Queens) the storm was pretty much a dud and we didn’t notice a thing.  As much…fun as it would be to see birds flying backwards and post boxes being ripped from the ground, I hope we have a repeat of last year’s storm performance.  When I was a kid, I fancied having the power go out; it was a pretty novel thing, and made everything feel… epic.

Nowadays, having the power go out means one of two things: there’s a storm large enough to really mess things up, or we haven’t payed the electric bill.  Either situation isn’t very ideal.

Regarding our hurricane supplies, there were a few necessities that had to be purchased: canned food, beans, water, etc.  However, there was one item that we absolutely could not go without; an item so important that we would sacrifice everything else in order to carry us through the storm.



Communion Blood.

What ever you want to call it, Jackie and I, above all else, needed a few bottles of wine for the storm.  Why?  Because that’s what we did last year, and we’re sticklers for tradition.

I was pretty surprised to see that the grocery store wasn’t packed with people going nuts, as was the case last year.  Perhaps that’s due to the fact that I last year I went to Costco for a few things.  If I know anything about people who like to buy in bulk, it’s that they also like to freak out and prepare for a storm as if preparing for the apocalypse.

All that said, for everyone who’s potentially in the way of Sandy, do be safe.  For all of you guys in the middle of the country laughing at us for living on the east coast… enjoy your next tornado.

Or tumbleweeds.  Tumbleweeds are safer.