The next super neat-o fan fueled doodling livestream will be this Friday, October 26th, 2012 at 10pm est.  Incidentally, that’s my mother’s birthday.  Happy birthday, mom!

Anyways, there will be doodles, and as always, I’ll answer questions if you have any, as well as chat about nonsense in general.  There is also the possibility that I will sing along to Disney tunes.

Livestream regulars know all about that.

So if you happen to like silliness, come on down and check it out!  The stream can be viewed either here or here.


Similar to a strip last month or so, when I couldn’t draw Samuel L. Jackson, my apologies go out to Bill Gates, who’s appearance has been butchered in his Corpse Run debut.

Oh, you couldn’t tell that was Mr. Gates in the strip?  Well… I don’t blame you.

As for Windows 8, I’ll fall back on one of my rules of life: nothing is ever as bad or as good as it looks.  That said, Windows 8 looks pretty awful, and most of the reviews and previews I’ve seen list “excellent touch screen navigation” or some similarly worded version of that as a major pro of the OS.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that most people don’t have touch screen computers, so how that part of Windows 8 is a “pro” is beyond my understanding.  I understand that Microsoft really wants Win8 to be viable as a mobile platform, and in that respect, I hope the new OS succeeds.

However, considering that the OS will also be their new standard desktop platform, I would think sacrificing strong mouse and keyboard navigation is a major negative.  From what I’ve heard (and I would like to stress heard, as I have not played around with it myself) is that basic mouse navigation relies heavily on rollovers, which sounds like an absolute nightmare both in accessing rollover buttons as well as becoming a nuisance when rollovers cover up desired content.

That said, those seem like really obvious issues, so Microsoft most likely has solutions to that.  On the other hand, if those solutions rely on keyboard shortcuts, I imagine that a lot of older generation folks are going to have major issues adapting.

And that’s not mentioning all of those unfortunate, tech-savvy kids that will have to field their relatives’ panicked phone calls.

In regards to yesterday’s Kat’s Korner, a little backstory: I’ve been playing a fair bit of Sanctum over the last week or so, and once the difficulty level gets upped… well… some levels are pretty easy.

Others… are mind numbingly frustrating to the point of making me want to smash my face into a wall.  Seriously, I can’t remember another time where a game has induced multiple rage quits in the same day.  Worse off, you know how sometimes you just can’t defeat a certain level/boss/whatever, and then after sleeping on it you come back the next morning and beat it right away?

Not in Sanctum you don’t.

Honestly, all of the frustration generated while playing it has caused me to make involuntary noises while playing other games, namely Mario Tennis, when, while playing it with Rich on Tuesday, I made weird, short burst noises while reaching for shots; the only was I can really describe the sound is by imagining a balloon which is letting out a little bit of air suddenly producing a low pitched, exasperated grunt.

It’s not natural, that sound.

Finally, a bit of youtube nonsense.  I get the feeling that most of you guys have already seen these, considering the amount of views they have, but just in case, there’s a few guys out there on Youtube who match celebrities/important figures, historical and contemporary, against each other in rap battles.

There’s a handful of them already out there, but here are my particular favorites.  Some of them have some foul language, which might be NSFW depending on where you are:

Freddy Mercury vs. Frank Sinatra

Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader, as well as the sequel

Ben Franklin vs. Billy Mays

Seriously, these are golden and if you haven’t checked them out, you totally should.  If you have the time, do try to view the others, which are all pretty good.

Oh, and because it’s election season, here’s Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama.