Alrighty, this upcoming Friday isn’t near a holiday or anything, so why not have another livestream?  That’s this Friday, November 30th, 2012 at 10pm est!  If you are so inclined, come on down and check it out, I’ll doodle what you guys call out, and will have silly (mostly Disney) music playing in the background!

What could be sweeter?  An ice cream sundae covered in sugar balancing atop a mountain of kittens?  Ppbft, the stream is soooo much sweeter than that.

The livestream can be viewed either here or here.


Every couple of weeks I have to apologize to a real person for butchering their appearance in the comic.  This time around, my apologies go out to Mr. Satoru Iwata.  Sorry, sir.

Anyways, it appears as though Nintendo has a bit of a problem on their hands, as people are drawing penis pictures in the Wii U’s new social network, the Miiverse.  Apparently they had anticipated this issue and created software that would catch any… unsavory drawings, but many illicit images have slipped through the cracks.

This is no surprise at all; as long as humans have a tool and surface for writing, they will draw penises.  Honestly, the only difference from early human art until now is the quality of artistic phallus reproduction.

I too, growing up was known to draw many a wang, though many of mine had faces.

And wore cowboy boots.

Besides, before the Wii U experienced its own penile based drawings, Nintendo had a similar issue on the DS.

During college, I can’t even count the times that my friends and I got into pictochat “who can draw the best penis” battles.

I’d also have to imagine that people were drawing crude dicks back in the day with Mario Paint.

Again, it’s just in our nature.