If you happened to attempt visiting the site from around 3am est to 1:30pm today (Friday, November 30th, 2012) and was instead redirected to a car blog, I’m really really sorry!  There was a mishap with the hosting that temporarily caused the redirect.  Fortunately, everything has been taken care of and we’re back up and running!  Neat-o!

Again, sorry for any inconvenience.



Hey guys, I totally don’t know why I didn’t think to do this sooner, but my friend Anthony is running his own Movember donation drive!

Ant beat cancer earlier this year and is one hell of a tough cookie, a man so powerful he can only be beat at basketball by bear-hugging him (which I find to be an excellent way to keep him from maintaining possession of the ball).  In totally unrelated news, I am terrible at basketball.  Anyways, now that his cancer has been throughly smitten (smote?), why not aid Anthony in raising money for men’s health by heading over to his donation page?

Seriously, if you have a bit of cash to spare, it’s a good cause and is in the name of an awesome friend.  At the time of this writing, Ant’s raised $5,623… let’s raise that as high as we can!



Also, there will be a livestream this Friday, November 30th, 2012 at 10pm est!  I’ll be doodling, enjoying a beverage, and chatting it up with you guys to the best of my ability!  What could possibly be more fun than that?  A gorilla running in circles around an elephant who lost his glasses?  That’s silly, the livestream is much more fun!

The stream can be viewed by clicking here or here.


Wowza, lots of updates today… on to the regular post stuff!  I had an extreme hankering for some Zelda recently (a secret desire made not so secret in yesterday’s Kat’s Korner), so I popped in my particular favorite of the bunch, Twilight Princess.

Regarding the strip… on a few occasions, Link frees people trapped in wooden cages.  He does this by swinging his sword right through the cage…

I’m not entirely sure why he chooses that method, as I imagine the results would be less than ideal in reality.

But what do I know?  He’s a hero and I’m just some guy sitting in a messy apartment.

Quick mail story.  So last week or so I sent out Derpigator buttons to the winners of the Halloween Costume Contest.  I had one more button which was sent out to Bill, the totally awesome dude who built the current (and significantly improved) version of this website.

Everyone but Bill received their buttons… even the guy from the UK.

I was scratching my head about what happened to Bill’s button, when in comes Jackie holding a letter.  Bill’s letter, which had been marked as return to sender.

According to the Post Office red ink (i.e. official) stamp, I had not attached sufficient postage to the envelope.  I’d normally be inclined to believe this sort of thing; the letter had a button in it which might make it a bit thicker and ever so slightly heavier than normal.

The problem is that if I had truly attached insufficient postage, I should have received the other letters back as well, as I used the same postage for all of them, except for the UK one of course.

So I’ll be back at the good ‘ol post office tomorrow, with a few extra stamps!  Thanks USPS!  And sorry for the button taking so long, Bill!  Hopefully the envelope actually gets there this time!