Hey guys, the next livestream will be this Friday, December 7th, 2012 at 10pm est!  Last week I was working on nearly zero sleep, so things were cut a little short.  This time, however, I shall totally get adequate sleep beforehand and do a full stream complete with some game playing.

I’m thinking it’ll be Penumbra; despite having it from the first Humble Indie Bundle, I haven’t actually gotten around to playing it.  I’ll decide by Thursday’s update!

Hey guys, bit of a change of plans.  Turns out I’m going to be out of the city until Sunday or so, so the livestream will be waiting another week.  I’m really sorry about the change, and I wanted to notify everyone as soon as possible.  Sorry sorry sorry!


Man, Link seems to get burdened with everyone’s problems.  As my Twilight Princess run continues, Link keeps getting swept up into tons of schemes, none of which he himself designed.

Someone should ask Link if he actually wants to do half the stuff he does, rather than saying it for him.  Everyone’s ideas are pretty suspect.

For example: in a sequence where Link is protecting a horse drawn carriage from baddies with flame-lit arrows, every once in a while, the carriage catches fire.  Link is then told to use the gale boomerang to blow out the flames.

That’s ridiculous.  Swirling wind is going to spread the fire and kill everyone inside the carriage.

Link really should speak up sometimes.  Sure, he isn’t directly responsible for the stupidity of the people around him, but he’s an enabler.

Or he likes watching the world burn.

For any of you who have been through all of the archives, you are already aware of the fact that I am a huge Jets fan.  It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned football in a post, but I feel like what went down during the Jets game on Sunday is worth mentioning.

Mark Sanchez, after tossing three interceptions in the first half and generating zero points, was benched during the third quarter.

Friends of mine know that for the last year or so, I’ve been as big of a Sanchez apologist as there could possibly be, but I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I don’t think he has a future with the Jets, nor as a starting quarterback anywhere else in the NFL.  I’ve been patiently waiting for Rex Ryan to come to his senses, swallow his pride, and sit the quarterback he himself selected for his first ever head coaching job.  Yesterday, he finally did it.

It’s tough to do that sort of thing, at least I imagine it to be.

Concerning Mark, I think a big portion of what you need to know about him as a person can be learned by watching him after his benching.  After McElroy (the third string QB that took his place) led the Jets to their only touchdown of the game, Mark was there to congratulate him.

Obviously Mark was depressed, his facial expression betrayed his emotions.  However, despite his feelings being hurt and his tenure as a starting quarterback likely having just ended, Mark was doing the right thing, and that’s what I love about him.

Mark’s career has been a roller coaster so far, but I count myself as fortunate that I got to watch it.  Though his recent play has been far from spectacular, he’s a great guy and teammate, and I do hope he gets a shot somewhere else.  Some people are saying that he’ll be taking the field for us next week, but I’m having a hard time believing that.

I’ll leave you guys with my favorite Mark Sanchez memory: the night before the AFC Championship game against the Colts during Sanchez’s rookie year, I couldn’t sleep.  To say I love the Jets is an understatement, and I just couldn’t believe that we were one game away from the Superbowl.  I was beyond giddy.  Rather than spend the night worrying about the fact that we were up against a clearly superior team, I watched the video of Mark getting drafted over and over again on Youtube.

While football is, in my opinion, the most “team-y” of team sports, I really felt like Mark had given us a spark that propelled us to where we were.  I was so filled with hope that night, and he was the reason.  In that video, everyone was so happy, everyone was so excited for the future.

Mark Sanchez, it was really fun while it lasted.