Just a reminder, there won’t be a livestream this Friday, as I’ll be away… in Atlantic City.

I don’t know why I italicized that, now that I’m looking at it, it doesn’t seem all that sensational italicized.


So yeah, for the third time (and second as an over 21 person) I’ll be heading to Atlantic City for a few days to hang out with friends, check out a casino or two, and whatever else people do in Atlantic City!

I was last there in March of 2010, and had a ton of fun, although there was a really weird moment half way through the day:

We were on the beach building little dinky sandcastles (and by dinky sandcastles I mean little hills of moist sand) when someone stopped and said, “Hey, you guys see that smoke?”

We all looked up and, sure enough, down the shoreline there was a ton of black smoke billowing out from behind a building.  We naively figured that there was a big barbecue taking place, that is, until we heard the sirens.

Apparently something caught fire at a construction site, but fortunately no one was hurt and there was no major damage done outside of freaking us out a little bit.

My attention was quickly turned from the smoke to my friend Dana, who decided to jump in the ocean.  Considering it was March, you guys will not be surprised to learn that she was alone in this endeavor; everyone else, myself included, watched her icy dip from the shore.

“Oh, come on!” she said.

Works for me.

Despite not having a bathing suit, I quickly removed my shirt and ran into the ocean wearing shorts.  I actually enjoyed the freezing swim, and hindsight being 20/20, I should have never left the water.


Apparently the pair of shorts I was wearing, a very thin, beige fabric, becomes transparent when wet.

No, I wasn’t wearing women’s underwear or anything that would have drawn… interesting glances, but it was a little weird knowing that everyone on the beach could see through my pants.

I’ve made sure not to pack those shorts this time around.