Hey guys, so my sudden realization yesterday was correct, a friend is coming from out of town for a few days.  In light of this, I will have to cancel this week’s livestream.

I really need to plan things out better around the holidays… I am a dummy.

Anyways, the streams will reconvene after the new year!


So yeah… another Zelda strip!  My time with Twilight Princess is basically at an end, so chances are things won’t be as Zelda-y as they have been over the last few weeks.

Or maybe they will… who knows?

On the other hand, since the world is apparently ending this Friday it’s entirely possible that this will be the final installment of Corpse Run.

And breathing.

I’ve really enjoyed the last few “end of the world” dates that have been thrown around by apocalypse theorists.  The May 21st, 2011 rapture date set by Harold Camping and promoted through Family Radio provided no shortage of entertainment:

A month or so before that supposed “end of days” an advertisement was put up on a bus stop that I walked by every day on my way to the train.  It was promoting a book someone had written concerning the apocalyptic date, and grandly displayed May 21st, 2011 as the end of the world.

As we all know, May 21st, 2011 passed entirely without incident, and everything was totally fine.  Despite the fact that the world had not ended, the advertisement remained.

For almost a year.

That’s right, for every day over the course of the next eleven months, I passed by a sign proclaiming that the end of the world had already taken place.  I guess whoever paid to put it up was supremely confident that the world was ending, and paid a fortune to have it displayed for so long.

There was also June 6th, 2006, the day which the Anti-Christ was supposed to be revealed.

Or something.

Anyways, I was working in an elementary school library at the time as a part of my Senior year of High School, and was shocked at what happened over the course of the day:

Every period a new batch of kids entered the library and out of each class, a few came to me, some with tears in their eyes.  All were worried about the same thing: that the devil was coming.

Now, for the younger classes, I totally understood that the prospect of “the devil” arriving was frightening.  For the older kids, however, it blew my mind that they could really believe in a devil devil… with the horns and a trident and all that.

As far as I could tell, neither the devil nor Anti-Christ arrived that day; another potential tragedy averted.

I kind of get the feeling that this upcoming “end of days” will have a similar outcome.

Either that, or I just jinxed it.