Woah!  It’s the day before Christmas, or in other words, one of the most exciting days to be a kid…

…whose family celebrates Christmas.

No matter what you guys are celebrating around this time of the year, I sincerely hope you enjoy it (safely) and make some good memories (also safely).

In regards to Steam, I’d like to give a quick shoutout to A.Hyena and General Iroh for gifting me Blood Bowl and Borderlands 2, respectively, on Steam recently.  Both games are totally sweet and will be occupying much of my time once the holidays are over.  Thanks guys!

Now, on to business.  Rich called me earlier this month asking me if I had wanted to go to a Jets game.  Silly question; of course I want to go to a Jets game.  We got tickets for the Jets/Chargers game at the Meadowlands on December 23rd for super cheap; considering how poorly the Jets had been doing, the tickets, which were normally $70-80 a pop, were purchased for 26 bucks each.

Which included shipping, tax, and all that jazz.

Well, you get what you pay for, I suppose.  The game was basically a total nightmare: Greg McElroy was sacked eleven times and we generally looked like a JV squad for much of the second half.

That doesn’t mean, however, that we didn’t have fun.  Rich, despite the fact that he isn’t a Jets fan, was cheering often, booing the refs, and dancing in his seat.

Yes, dancing in his seat.

I admit the act was contagious; I briefly joined him as the game was getting out of hand.  I also got in on the cheering action, yelling out silliness once we were down by double digits with not much time left.

“McElroy, you’ll always be my silver lining!”

“You’re the second best QB on the team!  After Kerley!”

and then, once there was just under a minute left I again tried to fire up the fanbase* by proclaiming, “So long as there are more seconds left than point differential, we still have a chance!”

Apparently no one else agreed with me.

After the final seconds mercifully ticked off the clock, we made our way to the exits, where stadium employees were handing out big “Jets” foam fingers, which inaccurately claimed that we were number one.

Upon receiving his foam finger, Rich was told by the employee, “This is the Jets giving the fans the finger.”

That might have been the best thing I’ve ever heard, anywhere.

Also, I photo-bombed some fans as they were taking a picture in the stadium.

All in all, a great day.

Happy Holidays.

*The twenty or so people remaining in our section